Vision Statement



Our vision is to develop a non-profit business that will provide enhanced public awareness about foster care and generate funding for young people in the foster care
program and other underprivileged youths. We provide:

  • Access to educational resources
  • Classroom instruction in carpentry and construction skills
  • On-the-job woodworking knowledge as trainees assist in making furniture for sale with all proceeds going to foster care and other underprivileged programs
  • Income during training. Trainees are paid $15 per hour during training
  • Tools, and opportunities they need to enhance their self-worth, live independently, and realize their full potential

Foster Care Furniture is one of three companies being developed to help the foster care program and provide homes for the unhoused, see below:

Foster Care Companies

A Three Phase Program

Foster Care Companies will be comprised of three different but related 503 C-3 non-profit corporations: Foster Care Furniture, Foster Care Development, and Foster Care Construction. The corporations will be created as each phase becomes functional.

The first phase is Foster Care Furniture. It seems to be heading towards success and will be the focus for 2024. This company will train at-risk youth on woodworking, making furniture, and selling the furniture with all the proceeds going to develop the three phases of Foster Care Companies, and other foster care programs.

The second phase is Foster Care Development, slotted for creation in 2025. Foster Care Development will create a new 501C-3 non-profit corporation. It will train foster care youth aging-out of foster care on the financing, building, marketing, and management of real estate development projects. We will focus on building affordable tiny homes for the underprivileged.

The third phase is Foster Care Construction. It will be developed, hopefully, in 2026, as a separate 501C-3 non-profit entity. Trainees will build the homes designed by Foster Care Development.


Foster Care Furniture trainees will build furniture, cabinets, shelves, and other items needed in the tiny home construction. Foster Care Development will develop the plan for building affordable tiny homes, and Foster Care Construction will build the tiny homes.

Having all three entities, Foster Care Companies will allow us to offer a wide variety of training, creating programs resulting in almost certain employment for the trainees. They will be trained and gain experience in woodworking, home construction, banking, real estate development, and other associated disciplines. These skills will enhance their chances of getting hired by companies in the home building industries, and some of trainees will be able to continue as employees of Foster Care Industries to build future homes